Why You Should Invest in Portable Solar Panels for Your Caravan

According to the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia, there are currently just under 700,000 caravans registered and on the road at any given time in this country.

They also report that seventy per cent of the caravans are self-contained models, meaning that they feature their own bathrooms, kitchens, and waste management systems.

These amenities are allowing caravan owners to redefine the way they choose where to make camp for the night. Instead of pulling up to a traditional caravan park, they can travel freely.

But even with a self-contained caravan, owners still have to plug in to charge up their batteries and power their appliances. So how can you really cut the cord?

Fortunately, companies produce portable solar panels that allow you to charge up anywhere. They also provide an excellent opportunity for your caravan to be more environmentally friendly.

Read on to learn more and find out where to buy them.

Portable Solar Panels Can Charge Your Battery

Most people who use caravans have a variety of traditional ways to provide the energy they require. They use a combination of generators and the electrical hookups that are available at caravan parks to charge their batteries.

But portable solar panels can also be used to charge your battery from anywhere, as long as there is sunlight. Simply plug them in, enjoy your explorations for the day, and come back to a full charge.

They Don’t Need Petrol

Petrol is smelly and expensive, but it is the fuel that has been driving this country for centuries. Unfortunately, it’s also really expensive.

So how great will you feel when you can cut that expense from your power bill? Of course, you will still need fuel to drive your caravan, but every dollar counts.

They are Silent

Generators are noisy, there is no getting around that. But solar panels, on the other hand, are silent.

When you use a generator, you have to be conscious of where you are putting them because of the dangerous fumes and the noise.

When you use solar, you can charge up without disturbing your neighbours or the serenity of your environment. Think how much more peaceful your campsite will be without the hum of a generator in the distance?

They Can Charge Unattended

When you are running a generator, you can’t walk away and explore nature while it is running or sleep for an extended period of time. This is because generators emit a dangerous gas called carbon monoxide. They should always be closely monitored.

Purchasing solar panels frees you up for an afternoon fishing without worry or a peaceful night’s rest without the fear of waking up having been poisoned by fumes.

You Can Be Self-Sufficient

In caravaning travel, there are two methods of getting travelling and getting the amenities you need.

One is to plug in at a caravan park and use their resources for the evening. Typically these facilities will have toilets, washing machines, electricity, and security that offers a controlled area.

The other method of caravan parking is using free camping locations. That means that you are living completely off-grid and don’t require the creature comforts the camps provide.

Caravans that choose free camping are self-sufficient homes on wheels that allow you to pick up and go wherever you wish.

By allowing yourself to ditch the necessity to tie up at a specific location, you open up a world of new possibilities for your trips. Solar panels can make your dreams a reality.

They are Environmentally Friendly

Australians produce 1.5 tonnes of waste every year, now more than ever, it’s important to be conscious of your footprint on the environment.

The Leave No Trace movement strives to convince the planet’s citizens that all human activity should have no impact on the environment around them. They want the world to be a beautiful place for future generations.

It is a goal to work towards and of course, actualizing it completely would be impossible.

But, humans are the only animals on earth who can strive for this goal and the ones who need to do it most.

It Can Power Your Creature Comforts

Since solar panels are used to charge the batteries of caravans, they are responsible for providing power for a number of creature comforts within the caravan.

While solar panels and their batteries don’t have enough power yet to be able to run your air conditioning all day long in a hot climate, you will be able to do many things with them like power your lights, 12v hair dryer, cooking appliances, and charge your cell phone.

While not having air conditioning may seem like a deal breaker to some, you can use this factor to your advantage. Travel to the parts of the country during seasonal variations where the climate is mild and enjoy having your windows open.

Your battery and solar panels will be able to power a fan, and your refrigerator will be cold, so what more do you need?

A Word of Advice

Many people who don’t understand how solar panels work ask the question, “How many solar panels do I need to power my microwave?”, or some other appliance.

But, in reality, it’s not the number of solar panels that matters for generating that much power. It all has to do with the battery you choose and the inverter that you have installed. The right size solar panels will pull in plenty of energy, you just have to be able to store it.

Where to Find Portable Solar Panels

There are many portable solar panels that are great for your nights camping in the wild.

This incredible technology will allow you to set up anywhere in the country and leave no trace while you enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer.

Are you looking for light-weight panels and solar accessories for your caravan? Check out our selection today.