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EPEVER MPPT Solar Charge Controller 40A | Triron Series

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EPEVER MPPT Solar Charge Controller 40A | Triron Series

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The latest solar charge controller from EPEVER, the Triron series 40A solar controller has the latest technology, with a peak conversion efficiency of 98% and its compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

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MPPT Solar Charge Controller

The latest and best solar charge controller is called Maximum Power Point Tracking or MPPT. MPPT controllers are creating advantages in a couple of different areas by converting excess voltage into amperage.

Most camping solar power systems utilise 12-volt batteries, similar to what you would find in your vehicle. Solar panels can sometimes deliver far more voltage than is required to charge your batteries. But the technology inside the MPPT converts the excess voltage into amps, that way the charge voltage can be kept at an optimal level while reducing the time required to charge the battery fully. Therefore, ensuring the solar power system is always operating optimally. (Some use other voltages, and the same advantages apply to these systems as well.)

MPPT charge controllers also reduce overall power loss. Operating with a reduced voltage in the wires connecting the solar panels to the charge controller results in higher energy loss in the wires than higher voltage. The advantage of using an MPPT controller is it permits a much higher voltage in the cables from the panels to the solar charge controller and then converts the excess voltage into additional amps. By running a higher voltage in the cables from the solar panels to the charge controller, power loss is significantly reduced in the cable.

Product Features
Self-identifying, load the driver for each module
Support the hot swapping function (only for the same model)
Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize the MPP loss rate and loss time
Ultra-fast tracking speed, and high tracking efficiency 99.5%
Accurately tracking and recognizing of multiple MPP 
Peak conversion efficiency of 98%
An auto limit function of charging power and charging current.
Compatible with lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries
Wide MPP operating voltage range
Auto-reduce power function when charging in high temperature
Multiple load work modes
Battery temperature compensation
Real-time power statistics recording function
Master-slave interface module design, simultaneously view the controller and inverter operating data
Dry contact design, remotely switch on/off external equipment
Dual USB design, supply DC power for electronic equipment
Perfect electronic protection function

Protection function
*PV overcurrent protection
*PV short circuit protection
*Lithium battery low-temperature protection 
*Night reverse charging protection
*Battery reverse polarity protection
*PV reverse polarity protection
*Battery over discharge protection
*Battery overheat protection
*Battery overvoltage protection
*Load short circuit protection
*Load overload protection
*Controller overheating protection

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