EPEVER PWM Solar Charge Controller 20A | ViewStar Series

EPEVER PWM Solar Charge Controller 20A | ViewStar Series

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The VS-AU controller is a common positive PWM charge controller with built-in LCD display and USB port. The multiple load control modes enable it to be widely used on a solar home system, traffic signal, solar street light, solar garden lamp, etc.

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PWM Solar Charge Controller

In most all solar power systems that utilise batteries, a solar charge controller is required. The task of a solar charge controller is to regulate the power generated from the solar panels going to the batteries.

If you were to overcharge your battery, it will at the very least significantly reduce batteries life and at worst damage the batteries to the point that they are unusable.

The most basic charge controllers, when the battery voltage rises to a certain level, simply monitor the battery voltage and opens the circuit, stopping the charging. While older charge controllers used a mechanical relay to open or close the circuit, to stop or to start power going to the batteries.

Newer charge controllers use another process termed Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to slowly lower the amount of power applied to the batteries as the batteries get closer and closer to fully charged. This type of controller allows the batteries to be more fully charged with less stress on the battery, resulting in an extended battery life. It can also keep batteries in a fully charged state (called “float”) indefinitely. PWM is more complex but unlike older relays does not have any mechanical connections to break.

The EPEVER ViewStar series 20Amp PWM Solar Controller utilises an advanced PWM control.

This PMW allows 12 or 24 Volt input and has an LCD Display which allows you to view current, voltage and power outage.


  • PWM charging
  • Battery type selectable: Sealed, Gel, and Flooded
  • Informative blacklight LCD display
  • Double USB design, Max. output 2.4A
  • Multiple load control modes
  • Energy statistics function
  • Full power working at a temperature range from -25 to 55 ℃
  • Adopt high-quality ,high reliability components of ST, IR and Infineon
  • UL and VDE certified Nickel-plated copper terminals, to ensure safe and solid connection
  • Battery temperature compensation function
  • Extensive Electronic protection

Electronic protections:

  • PV reverse polarity protection
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Battery overvoltage protection
  • Battery over discharge protection
  • Battery overheating protection
  • Controller overheating protection
  • Load short circuit protection
  • Load overload protection

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