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EPEVER Solar Charge Controllers and Anderson Plugs for Camping, Caravans & Fridges. Buy the Best Solar Controllers for Camping, Caravans, Camper Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Motorhomes, 4WDS, Boats & Off Grid Living.

OEJ® stock all your portable solar camping needs. To get ready for your next camping trip, check out our range of high-quality solar panels for camping which when connected to a quality Solar Charge Controller become a free and portable off-grid battery charger! These systems suit caravans, camping or 4wd setups and are compact, lightweight and easy to store.

When putting together your solar panel kit, like anything, the best way to spend your hard earned money is to only use quality products that will go the distance. When looking to connect your portable solar panels to your battery setup you want to ensure the flexible solar panels and solar charge controllers have an easy setup and connection, so you can spend more time enjoying and relaxing after a quick camp setup.

Solar Charge Controllers are crucial for your portable solar panel set up, to ensure your battery system is not overcharging, potentially causing it to fail and costing you money.

OEJ® have sourced the best solar controllers and tested them extensively in the harsh Australian conditions. The EPEVER brand of solar controllers are market leaders and bring you the highest quality solar power controllers at factory pricing, delivered free to your door anywhere in Australia.

We also range high-quality Anderson connectors, extension leads, Anderson Plug to Alligator Clips and PC cables to ensure you have everything you need.

Make your next camping trip a breeze as you generate and regulate your own solar energy. Keep your battery setup charged and enjoy your off-grid camping or caravan expeditions.