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Multi Function Jump Starter Pack

OEJ’s Multi Function Jump Starter Packs are your go-to jump box when your vehicle has a flat battery. The jump starter can start a car battery (up to 6.0L petrol or 3.5L diesel engine) up to 25 times with 750 peak amps of lithium-ion battery power and are packaged with heavy-duty clamps and cables to get you back on the road.

The car jump starters recharge in just 3-4 hours using the included wall charger and also comes with a unique three-way charging system that has a cigarette lighter connection for vehicle charging, or the option to use a 14w solar panel to charge while off-grid!

The jump starters have overload, reverse charge, overcurrent, over temperature, short circuit, reverse polarity, over-discharge and over-charge protection. LCD lights show precisely the remaining power and the units also have dual USB ports that can be used as a portable battery charger perfect for charging iPhone, iPad & MacBook’s, MP3/MP4 players, Mobile Phones, Laptops, smartphone tablets and Digital cameras. They come with all cables required for charging your electronic devices. The Portable Battery Charger also has an LED light which is helpful when taking the unit on outdoor adventures, at night, and of course for emergency use.

Jump starter packs are the perfect way of jump-starting your dead battery in your vehicle without the need for another car, or a pair of old-school jumper leads. You will never need to worry again about having to flag someone down to get assistance if you are stuck in a car park.

Our 12v Jump starters are suitable for jump-starting a Car, 4WD, Motorcycle, Ride on Lawnmower, Boat and Jet Ski.

Portable jump starters are affordable, safe and have finally evolved to be as compact as your smartphone and are easily stored away taking up very little room. When you need that boost of battery power from a power bank to get you back on the road or just need to recharge any portable electronic gear from the smartphone, camera, laptop or iPad – then OEJ’s Multi function Solar Jump Starter or dc to dc charger comes with a 14W Solar Panel and is a ‘must have’ for any vehilce or offroad trip.