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Portable Solar Panels, Folding 12v Solar Panels for Camping, Caravans & Fridges.

Buy the Best Solar Panel for Camping, Caravans, Camper Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Motorhomes, 4WDS, Boats & Off Grid Living.

OEJ® provide the best solar camping setups with easy to use solar products designed to trickle charge back to your auxiliary battery charging system in your Boat, Caravan, Motorhome or Camping setup.

Our range of camping solar panels includes portable solar panels, solar blankets, interchangeable solar panels, and for your solar accessories – MPPT solar charge controller, PWM solar charge controller, monitors, cables and adapters designed for portable power and easy setup and connection.

The OEJ® Camping Solar Panels are a compact and convenient alternative to traditional hard glass & aluminium solar panels. The portable camping solar panels are flexible and foldable resulting in a small solar panel for camping! The 12-volt solar panels are constructed from highly efficient monocrystalline Sunpower® Cells, capturing more sunlight and generating more power than conventional panels. The solar set up for camping also includes Anderson to Anderson Plug style cables and a robust and durable carry bag allowing you to carry and store the panels and accessories easily.

The OEJ® 12v Folding Solar Panels are designed for use with 12V Automotive, Marine & Recreational Vehicle Battery Systems and are the ideal battery charger and foldable solar panel for outdoors, camping, boating, 4WD and RV use.

While off-grid keep all your electronic devices charged and produce camping power for your 12v fridge without flattening your vehicle or boat’s battery. By using a basic battery set up and camping solar panels, you will ensure all your devices remain charged and ready for use, helping improve your camping experience. Foldable Solar Panels are a fantastic option for Solar Power for Camping with the ability to enhance your holiday, taking all your electronic luxuries and keeping your food and beers cold when you head outdoors in your caravan, camper trailer or camping setup.

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OEJ® focus on camping solar panels products that utilise Sunpower® solar technology which has an exceptional 22-24% efficiency.

We have a wide range of high-quality and user-friendly folding solar panels for camping and stock portable folding solar setups in many sizes for, Caravans, Motorhomes, 4WDS, Recreational Vehicles and Camper Trailers.

We have sourced our high-quality products direct from the manufacturer and have some of the best prices online for the top of the range portable solar panels with FREE Australia Wide delivery direct to your door.

Buy Solar Panels 12v – Camping Solar Blanket

OEJ’s® range of solar blankets are state of the art, camping solar blankets that are purpose-built to accompany you on your travels and give you power for camping.

Our Solar Blanket 12v are specially designed to be folded into a compact size for easy storage and are perfect for using the free power from the sun when you’re out solar camping, off-grid or in the caravan and want to put power back into your battery set-up.

Our folding solar blankets are much lighter than traditional solar panel kits and feature solar cells that are attached to a flexible material that can be folded down and stored away, for easy access to energy on the go, no matter where you are.

With ETFE coating over genuine Sunpower® solar cells, extra-thick canvas and custom-designed baseboard material and carry bag; you can be confident that our portable solar panels will reliably power your camping adventures for many years.

Camping Solar Panels for Sale – Best Camping Solar Panels

Our latest innovative product is the interchangeable 50w solar panels 12v that puts you in complete control with the option to connect additional 50w panels. To increase power, all you need to do is plug in another 50w panel using the easy to connect Anderson Plugs and zip two, three, four or however many panels you want! So, the more power you need, you plug in another panel and increase your energy by another 50w! The interchangeable foldable solar panels have a similar design to our 160w / 200w folding solar panels as they come with adjustable stainless steel legs, but have the additional advantage of adjoining more panels, if you need to generate more power. The camp solar panels zip together so that when you zip four up together, they look very similar to our 200w panels and have the same performance. The individual panels are sold separately making buying camp solar panels more affordable, as you can buy what you need. But the added bonus is, you are future-proofed because if you need to ramp up your power, you simply plug in extra panels.

Located in Far North Queensland, we understand the excitement of taking the caravan, off-road camper trailer or 4WD and taking off for a few days in the outback. We also know that one problem is getting the power for camping you need! While you can take a generator, they are expensive, loud and have an ongoing cost of petrol and oil. Camping solar panels are a much better choice – there are many good reasons, from its compact size to free electricity, to reduce the Co2 in the environment; or generators may be banned in certain campsites. When utilising a folding solar panel, you always have renewable energy from the sun and have power when you need it. Also, there is no reason to upset other campers by starting a noisy generator and polluting and spoiling the air for everyone.

12V Solar Panels Portable provide excellent Emergency Power for Camping and Home Use

As everyone knows, inclement weather conditions like cyclones and heavy storms can cause power outages. But if you have solar energy to power your most essential needs, you will be able last until power is reconnected. While you will not be able to power your entire home with a 12v solar panels, you can buy a solar panel camping set up to charge your essential devices, such as mobile phones, small fridges and laptops.

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Browse our range of flexible solar panels, camping solar panels & folding 12v Solar Panels for caravans. OEJ are leaders in the portable solar industry providing expert advice and top-quality products with exceptional warranties. If you need no-obligation advice on a Portable 12V/24V Camping Solar Setup email or call our friendly team on 0400 159 359, we love to help our customers get the best folding Solar Panels for Camping and specialise in 12 Volt Solar Panel Camping Setups. Shop for Solar Panels Online with Free Australian Shipping to your door; we make it easy!