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LED Camping Lights

OEJ has everything you need in our range to create your ultimate campsite lighting set-up.

We only stock the most popular and practical range of camping lighting products which are our 12V LED lights. 12V lights create a broad spread of light and are very beneficial lighting options as they are easy to use and are very efficient at drawing little power from your power source or battery. Camp lighting is now a camping essential; however, it’s far more affordable than ever.

OEJ® have high-quality 12V LED campsite lighting and have designed a 5 Bar LED Camp Lighting kit for harsh Aussie conditions, and a premium Campsite lighting LED experience. The kit includes a total of 26m (1 x 10m, 2 x 5m, 2 x 3m) of extension leads 5x Magnetic LED camp light bars, 2x dimmer switches and 2x remote controls, which means you can fully customise your camp lighting to suit your setup.

You can use just one of the five magnetic battery operated LED bars or increase to the full 5 bar setup making sure everything is well illuminated. The LED kit can be stashed away neatly inside the included roll-out carry bag; this is a must-have for any campers who want a well-lit, energy efficient, easy to install camping light kit!

We also sell all the individual items separately from the OEJ 5 Bar LED Camping Light kit so that you can custom tailor your campsite lighting setup. The wide range of items includes everything you need from Wi-Fi and remotes, splitters, extension leads, cigarette lighter extension leads and alligator clips.