Jump Starter Pack & Portable Car Battery Jumpers what you need to know

Portable Jump Starter, Battery Jump Starter Pack or Jump Starter Power Pack are all different names for a portable rechargeable battery pack with connectors that will get you started in the emergency event of a flat battery in your vehicle, motorcycle or boat. They are all, however, the same thing.

You will require a car jump start if your lead-acid battery has died or had a malfunction. Most vehicle batteries only have a lifespan of two to five years. After this period, your battery will need to be replaced. Failure to have a car jump start pack may leave you in an unwanted situation–you might not be able to start your vehicle just when you need it.

Unfortunately, your battery becoming flat usually happens at just the worst possible times!

Even if you’re usually very alert, there are just some instances when you become hurried, and forget things. Like, turning off the headlights after parking your car or somehow leaving an interior light on. And when you get back to it the next morning, you are devastated because your car won’t start.

If this happens to you at home and an extra car is sitting in your garage, all well and good. You can simply jump start your car by using a pair of old jumper cables to connect the dead battery to the other vehicle you have on hand. But what if your battery died while you’re out on a road where no cars are passing, or your vehicle is parked in a car park where it’s hard for another vehicle to get close enough to your car, or there is no other car?

Having a jump starter will help you save money because having to join roadside assist would be too expensive, and it’s an ongoing cost. Also, you must wait stranded in that car park or on the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance to arrive. If you happen to have a portable jump starter, you can easily connect it to the car’s battery, and get it started – no wait time at all. Best of all, most of these battery jump starter packs can be carried in one hand and will fit snugly into your glovebox.

Other names may also be known for these portable car jump starters. Some people refer to them as a jump starter kit or 12v jump starters. They all refer to the same type of product: a smart compact portable battery-powered electronic device that will start your car if your car battery dies.

As technology advances, you don’t need a big bulky jump starter pack to get the job done. And some of the newer models also include multi-function uses.

Multi-function jump starters due to their battery technology are small enough to fit in your glove box, yet still, hold enough power to start most engines, make it the perfect car battery jump starter.

Please note: if your vehicles interior is likely to reach internal temperatures of more that 60ËšC, it is not recommended to store the jump starter inside the vehicle.

What's the best portable car battery charger?

A high-quality lithium polymer battery jump starter power pack model that is 750A (peak amps), capable of jump-starting petrol engines up to 6.0-litre capacity and diesel engines up to 3.5 litres. The device also has multi-function capability and is compact in design and power delivery, making it the best portable car jump starter!

What battery cell does a car jump starter use?

Most modern multi-function power banks feature a Lithium-Ion polymer battery.

How is a portable jump starter charged?

Multi-function jump starter packs are designed with three-way chargers, 240v wall adapter, car cigarette lighter and solar panel charging.

Can I charge my laptop with a jump starter?

Top quality portable jump starters include two USB charger ports with the ability to charge smartphones tablets and laptops numerous times before requiring recharging, which makes them great to take away camping or when you need a portable power source. They even have adaptors for Apple MacBooks and PC Laptops as well.

Best of all, smart jump starters can connect to a small solar panel for off-grid charging, ensuring you always have power when you most need it and are the ultimate solar battery charger.

Things to consider when purchasing a portable jump starter is:

  1. Select one that will handle the size of your engine.
  2. Consider the dimensions of the unit. Is space an issue when packing the car for a trip?

How often should I charge the car jump starter?

Most importantly, remember to check the battery of the jump starter on a periodic basis and charge when necessary to ensure long life and the readiness of the unit to rescue you, should the need arise. Every three months should be sufficient to keep to battery charged and ready for usage.

How Many Amps Does It Take to Start A Car?

Jump starters have different amp settings. Some of them range from 300 to 3,000 amps although most models for consumers are between 500-800 amps. In most cases, that will be enough to start most people’s vehicles. By using a jump starter pack, power will flow into the battery and starter motor. A typical battery would generally produce four or five hundred amps to get a car started.

How long does a jump starter take to charge?

Portable jump starters usually recharge in 3-4 hours using the included wall charger. Don’t forget about the cigarette lighter connection for vehicle charging or the 14w solar panel to charge while off-grid.

What other features do the best portable jump starters have?

The heavy-duty jump starters have overcurrent, short circuit, overload, over-voltage, over-charge protection, LCD lights can accurately show the remaining power and 2 X USB ports can be used as a portable battery charger; LED light is helpful when taking the unit on outdoor adventures, at night and of course for emergency use.


Jump starter packs are the perfect way of jump-starting your vehicle without the need for another car. You no longer have to keep an old school pair of jumper leads and gone are the days when you needed to flag someone down to get assistance.

Portable jump starters are affordable, safe and have finally evolved to be so compact they can fit in your vehicles glove box.

If you need to know more about using a portable jump starter, follow this ultimate guide on how to use a jump starter.

Now you know more about Portable Jump Starters, why not check out our range of jump starters to see if you can find yours?