Guide for buying the latest technology LED Light Bar

What is an LED Light Bar?

An LED light bar is a multiple use auxiliary lighting option with applications used for off-road, 4×4, car, motorcycle, ATV, marine, agriculture, truck and heavy machinery lighting. Comparing this to traditional forms of auxiliary lights such as round LED driving lights, the rectangular LED light bars consist of either a single row or double row of LED lights and can house between 1 and 48 LEDs wide. Also known as LED bar lights or led driving light bar, they can be mounted onto a bullbar, in front of a roof rack, above the windscreen or just about anywhere using a mounting bracket.

Why are LED light bars better than other lights?

OEJ’s Aurora range of LED driving light bars for sale offer performance and construction improvements in shape, materials used, 360° rotation and technology compared to other auxiliary lighting solutions currently available in Australia.

  • Due to advances in technology, the new light bars are rectangular in shape. As opposed to older-style Halogen and HID lights use a single globe in a round housing. Due to this style, it meant that each light could generally only do one thing well (spotlight or flood light). LED technology, which uses many tiny LED’s, has given rise to significantly more options when engineers are designing the light beam. The LED bar light; with their long, rectangular shape, it is nowadays possible to engineer a light beam that is a smooth mixture of spot and flood, with no perceptible dark spots in the driver’s field of view. Therefore, this is where this benefit is most apparent. Modern combo light bars will have this function of spot and flood or both to enable expansive lighting.

  • With LED being a solid-state technology, LED lighting bars are significantly more durable than Halogen or HID (High-Intensity Discharge Lamps), which contain glass bulbs or Tungsten electrodes. LED lights are shock and vibration-resistant, which is ideal if you are looking for 12v led lighting for your off-road 4wd vehicle, marine, ATV, Truck or heavy vehicle applications.

  • Light bars being more compact than round lights can fit into places where round LED driving lights cannot. For example, LED light bars can be installed along roof lines without drastically changing the height of the vehicle. Some aftermarket bullbars also contain prefabricated sections where you can fit light bars.

What Separates High Quality LED Bar Lights from alternate Cheaper Ones?

Cheaper light bars are hugely different from your high-quality light bars in many different ways. If you’re comparing light bars for sale, the following tips will help you save money!

  1. Most importantly, high-quality light bars only use genuine LED manufacturers who are CREE® LED, or OSRAM® LED chips, to ensure maximum light output, most extended lifespan and best colour temperature. Cheaper lighting options will often use a lesser quality brand LED that will fail a lot quicker, or they could use fake knock-off chips. Don’t get caught with a sub-par product and end up paying more in the long run. Make sure the LED’s are genuine.

  2. The reflectors play a crucial role in ensuring even light distribution and the most extended travel. A high-quality constructed light bar will have been designed and extensively tested by an expert engineer, and the reflectors will be perfectly aligned with the LED chips to ensure maximum reflection efficiency. On the other hand, a cheap knock-off LED light will often be manufactured by a factory that has tried to copy someone else’s design, leading to a poor beam pattern, overall lifespan and general LED performance.

  3. The quality of other materials used, and the way they are assembled will be far superior in quality compared to cheaper LED light bars. Using quality materials, like aluminium housing, stainless steel screws and constructing at the highest military standard, provides multiple advantages. For example, the light bar will be resistant to impact and vibration and will be IP68 waterproof, IP69K steam and pressure resistant and will be far less likely to fail due to constant exposure to the elements.

What is the best light bar option for the price (off-roading)?

The OEJ Aurora LED bar light range offers compact lighting for just about everyone, especially off-road 4WD or 4×4 – low cost, high-quality and long-life. Instead of using a 3w LED, the OEJ Aurora’s have been constructed with 5watt chips for truly amazing illumination! Not mention the durability, shatterproof lens and genuine CREE® LED’s to ensure you have an extremely tough and long lasting light bar.

Best LED Light Bars Australia

Recent improvements in LED lighting technology of late has been far-reaching – our latest Aurora light bars range is competitively priced and is at the forefront of LED bar technology!

Within the Aurora range of high-quality, affordable light bars there are two outstanding styles of light bar. The Aurora Dual Row Combo light bars and Dual Row Scene light bars that contain all of the cutting edge requirements for an LED driving light bar – you genuinely get excellent value for money. While some models on the market boast superior light output, they can not compete with the great value and high-performance on offer within the Aurora range.

With many of the most recent advances in Lighting technology, we have released the Aurora Dual Row LED light bar spot and flood combo range. Available in 4”, 6”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40” and 50”. The Aurora Combo Light Bars utilise a double row design, with higher output and long lifespan Genuine Cree® LEDs and highly tuned reflectors designed for an even spread and a certified maximum Lumen output which offers a massive performance improvement. The light bar is constructed with stainless steel screws (anti-rust and anti-corrosion), aluminium housing and a GE LEXAN shatterproof lens. Most of all they are a combo light which means you utilise the spot and the flood at the same time to ensure enormous maximum illumination.

To add to the range, the BRAND-NEW high-performance Aurora Scene light bars exhibit an unbelievable widespread output, from the new range of 2”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40” and 50”. The LED working light models use updated ultrabright and long lifespan Genuine Cree® LEDs in a double row setup. With stainless steel screws (anti-rust and anti-corrosion), aluminium housing, GE LEXAN shatterproof lens and deeper reflectors for more projection and large end reflectors for extra widespread illumination. Aurora was able to squeeze a whopping 120° of wide, bright white spread and a certified maximum HUGE Lumen output!

All Aurora light bars are IP68 tested and rated for waterproofing for maximum performance in rain, deep mud puddles, creek crossings or any conditions off-road can throw at you! Additionally, the Aurora is rated IP69K, which refers to the lighting’s ability to resist ingress of high-temperatures (Steam) / high-pressure water to ensure this will not damage the driving light bar. Other important design features include 360° rotation and a patented military breather for all light bars.

Why should I install an LED light bar in my car?

No matter what vehicle you drive, the Aurora light bars will make your night drives or workspace safer and more comfortable to see than ever before, turning the dark night into daylight, all without the hefty price tag.

With our products delivered directly to your front door, online shopping is the best way to get your new 4WD, driving lights or camping gear at low-cost factory prices. However, you can also get advice on the perfect way to upgrade your lighting setup by just dropping an email or calling us to talk to our team of experts.

What is the LED beam patterns “Flood”, ”Spot”, ”Combo”, ”Diffusion”?

  1. Flood beam has a widespread reach

  2. Spot beam reaches long distances

  3. Combo beam does both widespread and long distance

  4. Scene beam is a wider spread beam than a flood, at 120 degrees

Aurora LED Light Bars Feature:

OEJ® Aurora Light Bars include the following features and benefits:

  1. Aluminium housing which allows for a lightweight, precision engineering.

  2. Stainless steel screws – anti-rust and anti-corrosion

  3. A patented Military breather to maintain waterproof and air balance

  4. Dupont black painting – looks great on your vehicle and will last longer, no fade from UV/sunshine

  5. Deutsch waterproof connector and fuse housing – easy plug in and play

  6. Waterproof to achieve an IP68 & IP69K rating so you can be sure moisture and dust won’t get in

  7. GE LEXAN lens with high light transmission – shatterproof GE polycarbonate

  8. Original Cree® A-grade LED chips

  9. LED lifetime: more than 50000 hours

  10. Double area of heat dissipation

  11. Electromagnetic and radio frequency reduction circuitry stops radio interference

  12. “Daylight” colour temperature of 6000K, perfect for night-time driving

  13. Mounting system included

Now that you have all the latest information, why not check out the OEJ® Aurora range of LED light bars and see what light bar suits your setup?