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Going camping in Australia is such a great way to take a break from our hectic lives and to get away from work and enjoy the great outdoors. At OEJ hooking up the camper trailer, caravan or packing the 4wd with camping gear and truly getting away is what we most enjoy. However, sometimes it isn’t that easy to completely disconnect. Some of us rely on phones for GPS location information or perhaps in the case of an emergency. Having a 12v Fridge to keep everything icy cold is also another. This is where a quality solar system comes to the rescue to generate clean energy and keep your battery system charged while off-grid.

At OEJ we have been prototyping and testing 12v folding solar panels and camping gear and over the years and many camping trips, we have designed the most durable, efficient and reliable solar panels and camping gear on the market. Testing our equipment in the harsh North Queensland environment has given us the perfect extreme conditions to make the necessary advancements in our products.

We have now extended our range to include LED Camping Lights, LED driving lights, LED work lights, solar charge controllers or solar regulators, portable jump starters and the latest folding solar blankets and portable folding solar panels to keep your battery banks charged.

At OEJ, we are here to make sure that you choose the best solar equipment for camping. We know that having high-quality portable 12v solar panels will be one of the best investments you’ll make.

OEJ portable solar panels and camping gear have been designed and manufactured for extreme durability under the harshest conditions.

Portable Camping Solar Panels

With ETFE coating over genuine Sunpower® solar cells, extra-thick material and custom-designed baseboard material and carry bag; you can be confident that our 12 volt portable solar panels and blankets will reliably power your caravan and camping adventures for many years.

LED Light Bar

The latest and highest quality LED Light Bars on the market are the OEJ Aurora light bars. With massive 5w LEDs and IP68 and IP69K rating, these seriously impressive led driving lights have an unbelievable lumen output, enormous throw distances, turning the dark night into daylight.

Solar Charge Controllers

Our latest range of EPEVER MPPT and PWM solar controllers are some of the best on the market with improved efficiency and loads of incredible features to ensure you are getting the best performance out of your solar panels. The EPEVER Triron Series MPPT is even able to be used with the increasingly popular Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) batteries as well as standard lead-acid batteries.

LED Camping Lights

The latest OEJ LED Camping Light Kit comes complete with dimmers switches, splitters, carry bag and high-bright 7w magnetic led bars to give your campsite the perfect amount of light. Plus, all accessories are sold separately if you would like to build a custom setup.

Portable Jump Starters

The OEJ 3-way multi function jump starters are the perfect companion for any car, boat, 4WD, or Caravan. Using a Lithium Ion Polymer battery and delivering 750 Peaks Amps of power, it will get your flat battery started in an emergency. The smart multi function device also comes with a dual USB charger for all your modern electronic devices. This ensures you always have power for the essentials. As an added advantage, the model that comes with the 14w folding solar panel is self sufficient – if you get stranded out in the middle of nowhere, it’s own conveniently packed solar panel can be used to recharge the battery pack and get your vehicle’s battery started again and get you back to safety.